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 Offical Site rules

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Offical Site rules Empty
PostSubject: Offical Site rules   Offical Site rules EmptyTue Aug 10, 2010 8:47 am

-Do not Spam.
ex. Hiiii!!!!

SPAM=Stupid pointless annoying messages.
-Do not disobey staff
If staff asks you to do something, do not talk back. Just do it.

-Do not write in red or blue or green colors.
These colors are reserved for staff only.

-No foul language.
Do not put bad words or swear.
-No posting pictures of yourself.
This is against the rules. This is for your own safety.

-No asking to be staff.
A ticket will be given out if so. And you will also not be staff.
-No multiple accounts
Do not make an extra 'Backup' account. We may have one for certain

-No Password sharing.
Do not share your password unless a staff member asks you.

-Do not copy other users.
This means you may not use their avvie or siggie pic without permission.
-Links must be approved by staff.
If you have a link to another site, you must have it approved. You will
be banned if you dont have it approved and it's not for a kids site.

-The staff of Webkinz City.

Its very easy to follow these rules. They are the 'laws' of the site. Just like you can't steal, you can't copy someone's siggie or avvie.

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Offical Site rules
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